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IGNITElogo (2)Is summer a challenging time for you?  

IGNITElogo (2)Have you ever noticed that some people release excess weight in the summertime while others struggle with it all season long?  

IGNITElogo (2)Did you know that the fire element of summer can help support your metabolism, balance your hormones and spark your creativity and passions?

Sally Hi, my name is Sally Clinton.  Over the years, many people have shared with me that they eat and feel well throughout the spring but when summer arrives they get totally off track and out of whack.  I also know that many people are suffering right now from imbalances of the fire element in their systems.  Sometimes this fire needs kindling and sometimes it needs to be calmed.

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How to know when your fire element is out of balance

You might feel:

loss of appetite
disconnection from your passion and light
lack of confidence

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Some examples of fire imbalances include:

excess weight gain
digestive issues such as hyperacidity or GERD
hormone imbalances
thyroid issues

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INVITATION:  If any of this sounds like you and you would like to learn how to IGNITE your fire element into proper action to support your health and well-being on all levels, I would like to invite you to join me for a HOT & SPICY Free live call.  In this call we will explore the physical, spiritual and creative aspects of the fire element in your body, your health and your life.  Please join me for this special summer soiree!  Its absolutely free and I’d love to have you there!

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This call is for you if…

you want a strong and healthy metabolism
you feel your digestive fire is weak
you feel stuck or uninspired
you feel lethargic, tired or lacking in energy
you feel like you have excess weight holding you back
you feel disconnected from your own passion and light
you want to reclaim or ignite your creative spark
you want to explore the connection between health, metabolism, and creativity

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Join Certified Ayurvedic Holistic Health Consultant and Life and Health Empowerment Mentor, Sally Clinton, for this HOT & SPICY free live call!