Join Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Transformational Health & Life Coach, Sally Clinton, for a relaxed and spacious 10 week journey into the energy of summer as we explore the physical, spiritual and creative aspects of the fire element in your body, your health and your life.  Learn how to ignite this element into action for optimal health & creativity, passion and purpose.

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  • feel disconnected from your own passion and Light?
  • want to deepen your relationship with your creativity?
  • want to expand your spiritual understanding of the fire element?
  • want to enjoy summer without getting frantic or fried?
  • want to feel more empowered with the energy of fire in your life?

If you answered YES to any of the above, this is for YOU!

This program will help you:

  • Understand the fire element and how to harness its energy
  • Ignite your creativity
  • Transform those stuck places
  • Make lifestyle changes that support a healthy inner fire
  • Enjoy summer at a profound level
  • Connect with your purpose and passion
  • Open to your most vibrant, light and brilliant Self
  • Explore the connection between health, metabolism and creativity
  • Have fun and more fully enjoy your life!

Spark your health and your life to the next level!  A 10-week program for a Special Summer  Discount Rate:  $397 $297. Sign up today!

Program Includes:

10 Weeks of Support


6 IGNITE! Guidebooks


IGNITE! Tools & Practices


6 LIVE Content Calls plus Q&A (recorded and yours to keep)

Private Online Group Forum


Spiritual Summer Adventure


1465294326_icon-ios7-peopleCommunity Support


BONUS: Foundations for Healthy Living Course


Your IGNITE! Creativity Exercises

Your IGNITE! Guide is Certified Ayurvedic Holistic Health Practitioner and Transformational Coach, Sally Clinton, who has done her own dance with the energy of fire throughout her life!  Committed to inspired living, Sally loves to be an alchemical support for those interested in their own transformation.

IGNITE!  is both an experience and a process that you'll be able to draw on again and again to allow the fire energy to support you at all levels in your Life.

Harness your Inner Fire for greater health, vitality, creativity, passion and purpose!


5 Stars!!!!!  I'm really enjoying this process....I love everything I've done thus far. [The materials arrive] and can't wait to get to them. Truly Sally, you and this program are brilliant!!!!

I am still working with the IGNITE! material, but I already feel more inspired and energized...just learned [something] I wrote this summer will be published...and I think a spark was kindled [during the IGNITE! experience]. Thank you for this possibility and for the beautiful work you do in the world.


I found IGNITE to be an incredible journey to awakening the inner fire, which I learned is so much more than your digestion or metabolism! The materials Sally provided were a joy to use not only because they helped unite heart and mind, but because the images were a colorful feast for the eyes. I also thought the tools and practices Sally created beautifully complimented the program by fueling your fire and inspiration for life. I would highly recommend IGNITE to anyone desiring to kindle their inner fire, creativity and passion!


Spark your health and your life to the next level!  A 10-week program at a Special Summer Discount Rate $397 $297. Sign up today!